Own A Car? It Could Be The Asset to Get the Money You Need

If you find yourself in a situation that requires quick access to money for a medical emergency, school expenses, or home repairs, you probably have a source for these funds that you don’t even know is there. Almost every person who has a job and needs transportation to and from that job also owns a car. The value of that vehicle may be one of the most important assets you have and you don’t even realize it.

Quick and Easy

One of the best benefits of an auto equity loan in Vancouver, BC is that fact that the lender is not hindered by restrictions that can make it hard for banks and credit unions to make vehicle loans. When you work with a specialist in this field, you have a lender who is focusing on the equity that you have in your vehicle. It’s that simple. They are not as concerned about your credit or your income as a bank or another lender might be.

You can get a loan based almost completely on the value of the vehicle. Think of it this way: if you own your vehicle, your chances of loan approval are very good. If you’re 19 or older, have a vehicle that is no more than eight years old, and have clear title to that vehicle, you are well on your way to getting the money that you need.

Other Details

To qualify for a title loan, you also have to have both collision and comprehensive insurance on the vehicle. The value must be at least $5,000 and must be registered in BC in your name. The bottom line with Vancouver car title loans is very simple. If you have a car that has value and you need money, you may be sitting on an asset that can work for you. Why not call and find out how?

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