Car Title Loans in Vancouver

Car Title Loans in Vancouver

Would you like more cash in your pockets? Is there a new flat screen television or smart phone, you have been eyeing? Learn why car title loans in Vancouver may be the answer, you have been looking for.

Pay Off Bills Today

After an important holiday, you might have a high credit card bill. If you do not pay the minimum balance amount, then fees might be added and your credit score could be damaged. What can you do?

As the new school year begins, the kids need new clothes, school supplies, maybe a new computer, after school activities, sports – it all adds up but your regular paycheck might not be enough to cover all these added expenses.  What can you do?

Unlock Vehicle Equity

You may need to raise money quickly. Some Canadian banks are already struggling with non-performing energy loans. They are not lending as much money to individuals. Plus, the traditional bank loan application is long, tedious and full of red tape.

We, at LDG Title Loans, are ready to offer you cash immediately, if you can satisfy just a few requirements. You need to be over 19 years old, own a vehicle less than 8 years old and have clear title to the vehicle. If you think you might qualify, let’s talk.

Our goal as an alternative lender is to provide money faster than traditional, stodgy banks. We need very minimal documentation, such as a valid Canadian driver’s license, 2 other forms of ID, proof of insurance, registration and residency. If everything works out, you will have more money in your pockets and you can keep driving your vehicle.

Compare this process to the traditional bank process where you need to fill out triplicate forms – detailing your life history – and there is no comparison. Pawn shops would take your car. We don’t. Your loan is secured by the value of your vehicle

Fast Cash

You can use the car title loan funds for anything you please. If you are waiting for a monetary payment from another source but need the cash now – take out a car title loan. Once you get the other payment, you can repay the car title loan. It is that easy.

Control your destiny with car title loans in Vancouver. Simply repay your loan on schedule to fulfill your financial duties. Discover the benefits of having more money.

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